Municipal law

Your municipal law lawyers from Décarie Lawyers, in Gatineau, represent citizens’, companies’, and individuals’ interests when they have requests, business dealings, or disputes with the city or municipality.

Development projects and municipal contracts

We give you advice when it comes to interpretation and application of any Law or municipal rule. We can assist you in the tender invitation process, particularly for agreements or submission reviews, or in case of related disputes, we can guide you in managing municipal contracts. We can assist you during estate developments with requests on zoning and minor variances. We can assist you when it comes to applying environmental and green buildings rules.

Municipal responsibility and remedies

We can advise and represent you in case of a dispute involving extra-contractual civil responsibility of a city or municipality in regard to the ethical code of elected representatives or police officers, or disputes regarding flood-prone areas. We can represent you in regard to expropriation, property assessment, or to contest or participate in a tax sale.

Pleading in municipal law

Your municipal law lawyers from Décarie Lawyers plead on many instances in municipal law, such as the Commission de protection du territoire agricole (CPTAQ), the Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ), the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ), and the Superior Court.

  • Expropriation
  • Property assessment
  • Tax sale
  • Commission de protection du territoire agricole (CPTAQ)
  • Tribunal administratif du Québec (TAQ)
  • Information request
  • Professional and disciplinary law
  • Permit

Do you have a recourse against a city or municipality?

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