Your bankruptcy and insolvency lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa, will be able to advise you when a debtor is put under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, whether to make an assignment or a proposition to his creditors.

Representation in case of bankruptcy or proposition

We can advise you if you need to contest debts, on the state of the collocation prepared by the trustee, represent you in the meeting of creditors, give you recommendations on voting, or oppose the discharge of the debtor.

We can also submit bankruptcy requests for debtors who can’t fulfill their obligations according to their deadlines, hypothecary recourses, liquidation or dissolution requests. In case your business needs to be restructured to avoid an insolvency situation, we will make a business restructuring plan and strategic planning to get your business out of the deadlock.


  • Forced bankruptcy by a creditor
  • Voluntary bankruptcy by the debtor
  • Proposal
  • Creditors’ representation
  • Hypothecary recourse
  • Business restructuring
  • Strategic planning
  • Liquidation and dissolution
  • Opposing to discharge

Are you facing a bankruptcy or insolvency situation?

Whether you are a debtor or creditor, many options and solutions are before you. We’re here for you.


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