Commercial law and business contracts

Contracts make good friends. In addition to the partnership contract and agreement between shareholders, many other contracts quickly become necessary when starting a business, or need to be reviewed or negotiated throughout the business’s life. Having an experienced lawyer is crucial in this case, to avoid making mistakes that could put the health and sustainability of your company at risk in the future.






A “customized” service

Additionally, your business lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers offer truly “customizable” services. The experience our team of litigators has acquired before the tribunals benefits their clients and ensures that the signed commercial documents are “customized” for you, in your best interest. The method of using “untested” model contracts before the court is proudly banned from our firm.

What is the difference between a business lawyer and a notary?

Are you wondering if you might need a lawyer to prepare a business contract? Know that the lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers are fighters and creative jurists. They are also, as opposed to notaries, because of the nature of their oath of office, mandated to solely serve your interests. Thus, if you want the legal documents you need to be written in your best interests and to your advantage, work with a lawyer from Décarie Lawyers who will work for you and in your sole interest during the writing or negotiating of a business contract. Don’t forget that the notary must act impartially and independently between contracting parties.

Contracts that comply with the consumer law

We also prepare or review online templates for client contracts or sale policies to make sure they are compliant with, namely, the Consumer Protection Act.

This is why we write, review, and negotiate contracts for and in favour of our customers regularly. Contracts like:

  • Agreement between shareholders
  • Partnership contract
  • Commercial leases
  • Letter of intent
  • Service contract
  • Subcontract
  • Employment contract
  • Licensing contract
  • Franchise contact
  • Limitation of liability
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Non-competition agreement
  • Non-solicitation agreement
  • Transaction receipts
  • Disposal contract
  • Insurances and warranties
  • E-commerce
  • Hardship clauses or Covid-
  • Review of online sales policies
  • Review of online customers template

Our representative mandates

Lawyer and in-house professional for ID-Gatineau, Carrefour jeunesse emploi and CILEX and its accompanied contractor-members.

Lawyer for the Association des gens d’affaires et professionnels du vieux Gatineau (AGAP), SADC Papineau, and SADC-des Collines of Outaouais.

Designated lawyer representing Steamatic Canada Inc., a national post-disaster service, successfully represented in the case of a dispute against former franchisees having failed to comply with non-competition clauses, requiring coordination of over 18 litigation cases as well as supervision from a law firm in Ontario.

Drafting of a franchise agreement for all franchisees of a national post-disaster service.

Lawyer having successfully represented Auberge et spa Le Nordik in order to get a 2-million-dollar lawsuit dismissed, enforced due to a penalty clause in a case pertaining to the non-fulfillment of an IT development contract and damages for procedural abuse. Auberge et spa Le Nordik c. Groupe SAIT inc.

Lawyer having successfully represented a subcontractor in order to get a $900,000 lawsuit dismissed as a subcontractor for an important construction project.

Lawyer having negotiated and sold two large facilities containing several amusement parks to an American corporation and run a corporate reorganization afterwards.

Lawyer having successfully represented a dentist at trial, promisor-buyer of a dental clinic, in a liability claim against the promisor-seller who failed to act on the business sale agreement. Thivierge c. Raisi

Lawyer having successfully represented a business in intellectual property litigation for cases of confusion, counterfeiting and copyright infringement. Flansberry (Kapture Design) c. 6548890 Canada inc. (Turbo Marketing) upheld on appeal Flansberry (Kapture Design) c. 6548890 Canada inc. (Turbo Marketing) QCCA

Lawyer in a dispute regarding the unexecuted sale of commercial vehicles 2553-5154 Québec inc. c. Services sanitaires Lebel inc. 2013 QCCS

Lawyer having represented a business in the context of an appeal in recognition of a foreign judgment. Groupe Convoy (Québec) inc. c. Racine

Lawyer having represented an employee who was falsely accused of breaching his duty of loyalty. Simbol Test Systems Inc. c. Charpentier


Do you need a “customized” contract in your best interest, for you?

You want an existing contract in your possession to be reviewed? It is never too late for a shareholder’s agreement. We’re here for you.


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