Every employer has the duty to take measures to protect the health, security, and dignity of his employees. Since 2019, the Labour Standards Act has improved this obligation in order to encourage denunciation and handling of psychological harassment cases.

Harassment prevention

This way, more and more employers pay attention to harassment prevention in the workplace. Whether it is psychological or based on a discrimination motif protected by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, many wonder what to do to prevent the worst in their company, or even what to do when they notice one employee’s harassment or discriminatory gestures towards another, or when they’re the victim.

“Custom made” policy

Your labour law lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers, in Gatineau and Ottawa, can draft a “custom made” policy relative to harassment prevention at work.


Plus, we can accompany you for the preparation of a psychological harassment or prohibited practice complaint, or represent you in these cases.

  • Psychological harassment complaint
  • Sexual harassment complaint
  • Prohibited practice complaint
  • Harassment at work prevention policy
  • Incivility

Do you need a “custom-made” harassment at work prevention policy for your business?

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