Disputes relating to obligations and contracts

Your obligations and contracts litigation lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa offer services relating to obligations and contracts.

Contract compliance

Every person has a duty to honour his contractual undertakings. Where he fails in this duty, he is liable for any bodily, moral or material injury he causes to the other contracting party and is bound to make reparation for the injury.

This is true whether it be for a residential lease, a loan between friends, or a mortgage. In case of default, it is necessary to engage in a process aiming to force contract execution or obtain redress for the default.

However, there are cases where the clauses of the agreement themselves can be open to interpretation, and a dispute may occur relating to the very existence of a default. Negotiation might then be the best solution.


Residential lease

We represent and accompany many tenants and landlords at court hearings before the Administrative Rental Housing Tribunal (Tribunal administratif du logement, previously the Régie du logement) to help them secure their rights and force their co-contractors to fulfil their obligations.


Consumer protection

Furthermore, the Consumer Protection Act specifically regulates certain contracts between merchants and consumers, such as money loans and contracts with associated credit. It is the case of instalment sales, used in furniture or car sales. Your consumer rights lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers can represent you, merchant or consumer, in actions regarding contract execution, particularly quality guarantees.

We can also represent you in the event of actions related to long-term service contracts, such as, for example, leased cars.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on contracts

Did you have an event planned that got cancelled because of government restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Know that the Law has rules regulating event cancellations.

Whether you decide to terminate your service contract, or the event organizers modify or call off the event entirely, the parties in this type of contract each have rights and obligations that must be known and nuanced before making a decision. The civil litigators at DS Décarie Lawyers can answer your questions.

  • Dispute related to a lease (tenant and landlord)
  • Debt collection
  • Collection of accounts receivables
  • Hypothecary recourse
  • Notice of lapse of benefit at term
  • Formal demand
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Seizure before judgement
  • Consumer protection
  • Dispute related to an instalment sale
  • Dispute related to a long-term service contract
  • Reputation dispute
  • Nuisance dispute
  • Contract termination
  • Covid-19 force majeure clause
  • Event, travel, wedding, gym membership cancellation

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