Every person has a duty to abide by the rules of conduct which lie upon him, according to the circumstances, usage or law, so as not to cause injury to another.
Where he is endowed with reason and fails in this duty, he is responsible for any injury he causes to another person by such fault and is liable to reparation for the injury, whether it be bodily, moral or material in nature.

Civil liability claims

He is also liable, in certain cases, to reparation for injury caused to another by the act or fault of another person or by the act of things in his custody. Whether you’ve suffered a ski or horse-riding accident, been bitten by a dog, have fallen on ice, your child has set fire at the neighbour’s, your tenant’s bath has overflowed, or your friend’s child has fallen down your non-compliant stairs, civil responsibility will come into play.

Your civil liability and insurance lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa, will assist you in the legal process when your or someone else’s civil liability comes into play.

Importance of preserving your recourses: Notice of denunciation

The first thing to do in any case is to send a notice of denunciation to the person you deem responsible for the situation to preserve your recourses. This notice must be sent quickly. Afterwards, we will help you coordinate the obtention of the necessary expertise to quantify your damages. We will claim them through a formal demand and, eventually, an action for damages. We will represent you through the entire legal process, including during interrogations and negotiation meetings with representatives from the other party or their insurance providers, when applicable.

We also assist clients when they need to file claims with their own insurance company regarding litigated insurance benefits.

  • Notices of denunciation
  • Formal demand
  • Claims for damages
  • Civil liability
  • Professional responsibility
  • Medical liability
  • Responsibility for pets
  • Responsibility for a child’s actions
  • Damage insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Life or disability insurance

Do you believe a professional is guilty of misconduct? Are you injured, and do you believe someone is responsible for your accident?

Have you been bitten by a vicious dog? Have you suffered an injury due to an unexpected object being on the ski slope? Is the insurance company refusing to pay? We’re here for you.
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