All of DS Décarie’s lawyers were carefully selected to craft a dynamic, powerful and talented team with members who share the firm’s core values.

You will benefit from our young lawyers’ enthusiasm and up-to-date knowledge, and our seasoned lawyers’ wisdom and expertise, among which you can find our founder, Mrs Sophie-Anne Décarie, with 25 years of experience under her gown!

Cases and tasks are distributed among team members according to their complexity, always to your advantage. This way, you benefit from our young, well-informed lawyers’ availability, efficiency and speed at the lowest cost possible, while still having access to high-quality consultations or more specialized services when needed.




Your Team

Teamwork and collaboration are the strength of our law firm. For 15 years, we have worked dynamically to serve our clients in Gatineau and across Quebec, whether they be individuals, small, medium or large businesses. The lawyers at DS Décarie Lawyers work together to provide clients with a wide range of bilingual legal services.

The useful, insightful and expert advice provided by your lawyers will help you better manage your business or solve personal affairs. Your interests are our main priority, your goals are ours. For this reason, the DS Décarie Lawyers team will leverage adequate resources for you and will give you the needed attention to reach your goals and represent your interests.

DS Décarie Lawyers is equipped with a team of passionate, perseverant and talented individuals to serve you. Here they are!

How can you choose your lawyer? Do you need a male or female lawyer? young or seasoned? fiery, enthusiastic, energetic and up to date? or wise, skilled, experienced and nuanced? or do you want all of this together? We’re here for you.

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