Commercial litigation

Your commercial litigation lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa can help when commercial disputes occur in your company. They will help you assess the problem to find the best solution for you, whether it be a negotiated solution, an alternative dispute resolution, a formal demand, an ordinary recourse or an expeditious procedure such as an injunction or a safeguard order.

Strategists in the heat of the moment

Is a business situation proving to be more complex than expected? Could the problem potentially take a wrong turn and escalate? Is this clearly not what you had in mind, and does there seem to be a misunderstanding? Are you in conflict with your partner? An execution, delivery or workforce issue could put your business at risk.

Don’t forget to call us while you are in the action. We are your best commercial strategic partner! In the heat of the moment, you must act quickly, but you must also act wisely. You must not let your feelings of urgency drag you further down and cause you to make mistakes, mistakes that could be fatal for your contractual business relationships, your employees, your business, your creditors, your reputation or your family.

Never hesitate to call us. We will help you shed light on the situation. By evaluating the value of the matter in dispute, the needs of each party, the strategic issues for your business, the commercial litigation attorneys at DS Décarie Lawyers identify the following with you: the best approach to take and the best business and legal strategies for you, your employees, your business, your future, your family and your reputation.

Choose the right remedy

Sometimes, our commercial litigation lawyers at DS Décarie Lawyers will advise you to choose your battles, negotiate or recommend that you send a formal demand. In other cases, they will recommend that you resort to a judicial remedy to enforce your rights, sometimes even urgently by means of an injunction or safeguard order request. But in any case, your commercial litigation lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers are expert strategists and will become your best allies in cases such as:

Types of commercial litigation

  • Dispute among shareholders
  • Use of a “shotgun” clause or compulsory buy-sell clause
  • Dispute with franchisor of franchisee
  • Dispute with supplier
  • Dispute with client
  • Dispute with a landlord or commercial tenant
  • Injunction and safeguard order
  • Contractual liability
  • Action for damages
  • Dispute relating to unfair competition
  • Dispute relating to breach of confidentiality, data theft
  • Covid-19 dispute

Do you think you will need an injunction or emergency safeguard order to avoid irreparable damage?

Do you need a seasoned lawyer in commercial litigation to help you analyze a situation with multiple implications from different angles?
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