Negotiation is a conflict solving method in which parties and their lawyers undertake a process in order to find a satisfying solution to a conflict. It’s the most used method to solve conflicts.

The negotiating lawyer’s role is to:

In the negotiation process, the negotiating lawyer acts in the sole interest of his client. He is not neutral.

  • Analyze the client’s case to identify the best negotiating approach
  • Assist the client in properly evaluating the best alternative to solving, including the costs and risks associated with their case
  • Make recommendations to the client regarding the opportunity and modalities of offers and counter-offers to present or accept
  • Suggest creative and original solutions
  • Prepare and present offers or counter-offers to the solving, either in written form or during negotiation meetings
  • Draft and review settlements so they are enforceable

Why choose us to negotiate?

Your lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers truly know their cases, with their true strengths and weaknesses, and cases’ and clients’ challenges.

When they are ready for combat, they are often the best to negotiate advantageous settlements with the opposing party. Since they act according to an objective and profound analysis of the case, they are not vulnerable, should the final offer presented by the opposing party not be reasonable.

In fact, when the mandate is given, they will go plead your case with fighting spirit and resilience, with the conviction that they did everything they could to settle to your advantage, but that it was simply not possible.

There must be something to do for you to agree.

Do you want to present a settlement offer? negotiate a payment arrangement? a deferred rent? organize a negotiation meeting? Analyze your best alternative to a settlement if you refuse a presented offer? We’re here for you.
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