Do you have a business project and wish to incorporate? Do you need advice on which legal form your business should take on? When should you go from sole proprietorship or partnership to incorporation? Do you need a management company? Are there specific rules for incorporating in your field of activity, such as incorporating a society of professionals?




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Incorporation has many advantages. Your business lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa will advise you on the right opportunity and moment for incorporating.

Creating a society and establishing a good legal structure is an important step in your business’s evolution. There are several mistakes to avoid, choices to make and your corporation’s future to consider. Therefore, it is important to receive advice from a team of experienced business lawyers.

Benefits of incorporation

The incorporation of a business corporation (company) or management company holds many advantages for those who run it, namely:

  • A different heritage from that of its shareholders (owners)
  • Limited personal liability for the shareholders
  • A lower tax rate than that of an individual
  • Possibility to accumulate revenue in the company and to use them later

Why choose us before incorporating?

Working with your business lawyers at DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa will allow you to gain access to expert advice on the opportunity to incorporate, and on which type of incorporation to choose.
  • We will proceed to incorporate and register the company with the government, and we will reach out to the appropriate governmental authority.
  • We will prepare and write a “customized” share capital, prepare share subscription notices, and prepare share certificates.
  • We will search and secure the name for your corporate name.
  • We will prepare the legal organization of the company, including all initial resolutions, prepare registries, and assemble the corporate book.
  • We will host your corporate book until the end of your first fiscal year.

Are your considering incorporation?

We offer quick, efficient, excellent quality competitively priced services! Do not hesitate to contact your business lawyers at DS Décarie Lawyers! We’re here for you.


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