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Welcome to DS Décarie Avocats, your trusted legal partner in Gatineau and Ottawa. Our team of experienced lawyers specializes in various areas, including business law, civil and commercial litigation, real estate law, labor law, and more. With over 15 years of experience, we have built a strong reputation in the Gatineau region by providing high-quality legal services.

Our commitment to the community and local businesses

Over the years, we have assisted thousands of local individuals and businesses, including property owners, cooperatives, successions, non-profit organizations, foundations, unions, associations, and trusts. Our dedicated team of lawyers has actively contributed to business formation and the drafting, negotiation, and revision of thousands of contracts, thus establishing solid foundations for our clients. We take pride in serving not only individuals and small local businesses but also large national corporations.

Dispute resolution and protection of interests

We have successfully resolved countless disputes, demonstrating our commitment to protecting the interests of our clients and achieving favorable solutions. With this diverse experience, we can tackle the most complex legal challenges and provide tailored solutions for each situation.

Expanding our expertise with DS Avocats

By joining the prestigious DS Avocats family, we benefit from 50 years of in-depth legal knowledge in complex areas such as collective labor law, tax law, securities law, private international law, imports and exports, as well as complex corporate law. Trust our team to guide you with excellence and expertise in your complex legal needs.

A global network at your service

As our client, you gain access to a network of law firms across the country and around the world, opening opportunities for the development of your business on a global scale. No matter where your activities take you, know that our Gatineau-based firm is here to support you, offering quality services that transcend geographical boundaries.

Trust our experienced team to guide you effectively in all your legal needs.


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Commercial litigation

Your commercial litigation lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa can help when commercial disputes occur in your company.

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Construction disputes and hidden defects

Your construction law and hidden defects lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa, can help you when disputes related to the construction or state of your property occur.

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Real estate litigation

Your real estate litigation lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa, can help you in the event of a conflict related to your property.

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Litige liability and insurance litigation

Every person has a duty to abide by the rules of conduct which lie upon him, according to the circumstances, usage or law, so as not to cause injury to another.

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Estate litigation and human rights

Your estate litigation and human rights lawyers from DS Décarie lawyers, in Gatineau and Ottawa offer services in estate litigation and human rights.

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Disputes relating to obligations and contracts

Your obligations and contracts litigation lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa offer services relating to obligations and contracts.

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Business law

Strategic partner for businesses of all sizes, DS Décarie Avocats adapts to your needs, whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise. With easy access to experienced lawyers in various fields, we serve you locally while offering international reach. Our business lawyers collaborate closely with you at every stage of your company’s life.

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Labour Law

Your labour law lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa, represent the employees and employers in unionized and non unionized environment relative to all legal issues related to labour law.

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Administrative and Municipal Law

Your municipal law lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers, in Gatineau and Ottawa, represent citizens’, companies’, and individuals’ interests when they have requests, business dealings, or disputes with the government, city or municipality.

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Conflict Resolution

Even if our lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers are proud litigators, we always have your best interests at heart and will look with you towards innovative conflict resolutions solutions.

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Representative mandates

We represent hundreds of general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, national and international level manufacturing companies, agri-food producers, retailers, personal care companies, professional firms and service companies.

Our clients operate within the fields of construction, energy, innovations and technology, automotive, tourism, events, advertising, personal care, professional services, catering, finance, daycare and real estate.