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DÉCARIE, Sophie-Anne – Associate Director, extension 201 –

DUPUIS, Christian – extension 210 –

LORD-TARTE, Jonathan – extension 212 –

OU, Jing (Catherine) – extension 206 –

SALIB, Mélodie – extension 204 –

STEPHENSON, Deborah – extension 207 –


PELLETIER, Cynthia – Reception, extension 104 –

NICOL, Sylvie – extension 100 –

LÉVEILLÉE-BISSON, Audrey – Intern –




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All you need to do is reach out to us by phone or email. A member of our administrative team will call you to explain our way of functioning, ask for information to identify you, exclude any possibility of conflict of interest, and book an appointment. If necessary, you can hand over related documents by email at the beginning of your appointment.


We provide legal services to businesses and individuals.

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