During a separation, child custody is any parent’s main worry. If you can’t agree on the terms of your children’s custody, it is time to consult a family law lawyer from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau, to help you negotiate an agreement regarding your children’s custody.

In a case where the parents fail to agree at all, your family law lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers will be able to take the case to court so they can establish custody terms. In this context, the court will determine custody terms while taking into account your child’s best interest according to their age, needs, ability of each parent to meet those needs, child’s stability and availability of each parent.

Parental alienation

Parental alienation is often discussed when establishing the children’s custody. This is a phenomenon in which one of the parents starts having behaviours that influence their child, so they start rejecting the other parent.

Parental alienation can manifest in various ways, like denigration of the other parent in front of the child, frivolous complaints against the other parent, unfounded criticism, impertinent lies told to the child about the other parent’s behaviour, illegal or abusive deprivation of contact, emotional blackmail towards the child to force him to choose, etc. If the behaviour leads to deterioration of the relationship between the child and the targeted parent, the child is subject to parental alienation.

Your family law lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers can help you handle the situation with delicacy and in the child’s best interest. They can also present urgent demands (temporary demands) to determine temporary custody terms, rights of access and sometimes, solve urgent problems related to custody like stopping such damaging behaviours.

Non-compliance to a child custody ruling

What can you do in case of non-compliance to a judge’s ruling for a child’s custody? Parents who are victims of the other parent’s bad faith and who can knowingly prove that they are infringing a clear court ruling are not helpless. It is a contempt order application to the court. Exceptional, this request must be presented with much care and always in the child’s best interest. The family law lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers will be able to accompany you in the steps and advise you on the best approach.


Representation of minors and grandparents

We also represent minors (child’s attorney) in cases to allow them to express their needs to the court and the parent’s attorneys. Plus, we represent parties in cases regarding access rights for grandparents and outsiders.


  • Parental alienation
  • Child custody
  • Shared custody
  • Temporary demands, urgent demands
  • Parental authority demands
  • Child’s attorney
  • Access right
  • Grandparent right to visit
  • Contempt order application to the court

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