Construction disputes and hidden defects

Your construction law and hidden defects lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa, can help you when disputes related to the construction or state of your property occur.

Acting quickly, and wisely, when discovering a defect or shortcoming

Whether you may be the current owner of the affected building, the seller, the construction contractor or one of the subcontractors targeted by a claim, the discovery of a hidden defect or shortcoming in a building is never good news. The parties must act quickly to send notices of denunciation, retain expert services, coordinate visits, evaluate remedial options and responsibility of each stakeholder according to Law requirements.

Getting paid for construction work

Are you a construction contractor or supplier having participated in a construction project that is going wrong? Are you wanting to get paid, but are being accused of faulty work? Do you need to register a legal construction mortgage or proceed to a substitution of collateral? Are there problems on a construction site due to the general contractor’s poor management? Does a tender turn sour, even when you’ve submitted the lowest compliant tender?

Your construction law and hidden defects lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers, in Gatineau and Ottawa, will help you assess the problem to find the best solution for you, whether it be a negotiated solution, an alternative dispute resolution, a formal demand, a legal construction mortgage or an ordinary appeal.

By evaluating the value of the matter in dispute, the needs of each party, the strategic issues for you, your family and your business, and the expected benefits and risks in every stage of the case, our construction law and hidden defects lawyers from DS Décarie Lawyers are expert strategists and will become your best allies in cases such as:
  • Termination of construction contract
  • Legal construction mortgage
  • Hidden defect, faulty work or shortcomings
  • Flooding, sewer backup, water ingress
  • Overflowing of a body of water, erosion
  • Infestation
  • Red ochre
  • Legal quality guarantee and legal guarantee of property rights
  • Dispute with a subcontractor or general contractor
  • Bad faith of the seller
  • Dispute with supplier
  • APCHQ or Quality Housing guarantee
  • Construction contract
  • Tender revision (BSDQ)
  • Tender disputes
  • Labour and material payment bonds
  • Collection of accounts receivables
  • Construction contract execution
  • Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ)
  • Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)

You’re already standing in water, don’t go getting into even more trouble!

Have you just discovered an issue with the house you just bought or sold? Whether you are the buyer, seller, construction contractor or subcontractor, you must act quickly and wisely. We’re here for you.
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