Your estate litigation and human rights lawyers from DS Décarie lawyers, in Gatineau and Ottawa offer services in estate litigation and human rights.

Human rights, the core of our existence.

Human rights disputes can be the very core of one of our loved one’s existence, of their fundamental rights, their personality rights, their name, their civil status, their capacity to exercise their rights, and even more.

These mandates include the protection of vulnerable elderly persons and all those family conflicts that sometimes stem from the loss of autonomy of incapacitated adults.

Protecting vulnerable persons

As for succession disputes, they often stem from conflicts between heirs, successors, and estate liquidators relating to the validity of a will or administration of a succession.

The law acknowledges the right of the testator in full possession of his mental faculties to freely determine the devolution of their property when they pass.

This sometimes leads to surprising and heartbreaking results when the testator chooses to write their will differently from what their entourage had anticipated, for example by completely disinheriting their children to benefit a new flame that generously took care of them in their last months.

Sadly, a vulnerable testator can sometimes fall victim to dishonest practices, threats or undue influence aimed to make them sign a will they never would have signed otherwise. We call this undue influence (captation).

Protection against discrimination

As for complaints related to discrimination or violation of provisions from Charters relating to Human Rights and Freedoms, our lawyers can accompany plaintiffs in defending their interests at the stage of the Human Rights Commission investigation, and in their representations before the courts and administrative tribunals.

  • Rendering of succession accounts
  • Testator victim of undue influence
  • Contesting a will (fake will)
  • Adoption
  • Filiation
  • Power of attorney (incapacity mandate)
  • Youth protection
  • Civil register
  • Guardianship and trusteeship
  • Discrimination complaint
  • Action for damages for sexual assault
  • Human Rights and Youth Protection Commission

Do you think a late relative was manipulated? Do you believe a relative who is losing their autonomy needs protection?

Do you wish to oppose expenses made by an inheritance liquidator? Do you wish to establish parentage as a father? We’re here for you.
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