Corporate law and business law

Your team of business lawyers at DS Décarie Lawyers in Gatineau and Ottawa can help incorporate or form your company, and then accompany your business in all aspects of its activities.


Corporate transactions

Indeed, they have the expertise required to make, in close collaboration with your accountants and tax advisors, all corporate transactions such as the sale of shares, sale of assets, redemptions, commercial transactions, refinancing, corporate reorganization, estate freezes, or merging.

Annual updates

Once incorporated, the business corporation has legal obligations such as making sure the government registries are updated annually and ensuring that the annual meeting of shareholders takes place. It is also crucial to appoint the directors of the company each year.

The lawyers of DS Décarie Lawyers examine, in collaboration with your accountant, transactions that have occurred throughout the financial year to prepare the required resolutions (dividends, bonuses, loans, etc.) and convene an annual meeting for this purpose; We will also prepare and deposit the annual declaration (provincial) and annual report (federal).


Hosting and conservation of the corporate book

DS Décarie Lawyers offer hosting and conservation of all of its clients’ corporate documents inside a fireproof and waterproof vault. This allows monitoring of the entry and exit of corporate documents.

  • Corporate or company book update
  • Annual declarations
  • Minute books safely stored inside a fireproof vault
  • Sale of assets
  • Sale of business
  • Sale of shares
  • Diligent examinations
  • Support during business transfer
  • Restructuring or reorganization
  • Refinancing
  • Estate freeze
  • Exchange
  • Purchase or redemption of shares
  • Dissolution or liquidation

Do you wish to sell your company’s shares?

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