Founded on May 23, 2006, Decarie Lawyers (now DS Décarie Lawyers) has built a solid reputation in litigation and business law through the nuanced, combative and creative attitude of its members. Originally very modest, his success quickly propelled it into strong and rapid growth and is now recognized in the Outaouais community as a multi-service firm of choice for both its clients and employees.

Foundation of Décarie Lawyers

The firm originally known as Decarie Fortin Lawyers was founded in a tiny location in downtown Hull by Sophie-Anne Décarie, a young and dynamic lawyer working mainly in civil and commercial litigation.

Becomes a multiservice firm

With the addition of family and business law services, the firm moves towards a more modern approach and vows to help its clients attain legal health.


Winner of the Excelor “Female entrepreneurship” award

The firm receives the Excelor Award from the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce, recognizing excellence in female entrepreneurship.


Need for space

To accommodate its growing team, the firm has carried out three successive expansions of its premises located in the Hull sector and finally in 2014, moving its offices to larger and newly renovated premises located at 3 Rue de Picardie in Gatineau. In 2017, continuing in the same flight, the premises of 3 Picardie suffered the same fate and a major investment was made to take on there also, more area.


Optimization of business processes

Starting in 2015, under the leadership and direction of Mrs Décarie, the firm took off again. The firm’s mission, vision and brand image are redefined and all business processes are optimized with the help of expert counsel from the BDC.

Significant growth of the team

In order to serve its ever-growing clientele, the firm increased its team to 15 people. The firm then clarified the internal management values with which it managed the firm’s human resources. These include equity and collaboration among the members of the firm, individual accountability, valuing work-life balance and a culture of continuous improvement.

Employer of Choice certification

Wanting to build a modern, efficient and rapid firm its members would be proud to represent and work at wholeheartedly and passionately, the firm worked towards establishing better work conditions for its employees. And so, in 2019, it is with pride that the firm received the prestigious “Employer of Choice” award.

Community recognition

This vision allowed the firm to build a solid reputation of excellence, be recognized by consumers and by its community, and caused it to obtain, through the years, mandates of the utmost importance as well as recognition from its community. The firm also obtain in 2019, the authorization from the Superior court to file a class action suit in the name of a group of victims estimated to 19 000 members.


A team that continues with strength in the face of the storm

Despite the unique challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Décarie Lawyers continues to grow and relies on the team that is at its heart. It is therefore with pride that we have proceeded with the implementation of the employee Loyalty Bonus Program and with the the implementation of a comprehensive group insurance program for our employees including telemedicine.


15th Anniversary of Decarie Lawyers!

For the past 15 years, Decarie Lawyers has made its place in the Outaouais business and legal community. The firm has accomplished beautiful things, lived precious and magical human moments in which you participated. You have been and continue to be the firm’s best allies and ambassadors and we thank you for that.

To celebrate the event, the firm has a golden logo and is putting online a new website in its current image. We sincerely and warmly thank our clients, employees and suppliers and in particular the entire team of the Agence Pop Inc and Studio créatif Coloc for their contribution, dedication and continued loyalty to our firm.

Our mission and values

DS Décarie Lawyers has vowed to help you, your business and your loved ones attain legal health by building on strong foundations with you, and by avoiding traps or providing creative solutions for all of your challenges or disputes.

Our mission is fulfilled through a personalized approach that focuses on accompanying individuals in their search for global solutions to their problems and creating human connections with our clients.

The core values that make the firm’s personalized approach successful are: transparency, empathy, fighting spirit and creativity.


through sincere discussions held with our clients about the real issues that lie in their cases, their projects or their businesses. It is our sincerity when providing our clients with information on the steps taken and those to be taken in their case, and on costs to anticipate.


though our genuine understanding of how much of a burden a case can be for our clients that are involved in a legal dispute, or of how heavy business management can become.

Fighting spirit:

because we are lawyers that do not give up at the slightest challenge or setback. We know how to fight for your interests.


through our ability to think outside the box and find new and ingenious solutions.

Since the walls of our law firm are filled with these values, a unique relationship of trust and loyalty develops between our clients and us, allowing them to make wise and well-informed decisions with us on how to approach their projects, challenges or disputes.



fighting spirit


Our logo

The two triangles represent both the letter D, first letter of the name Décarie, our founder’s last name, and the letter A, first letter of the word Avocat (Lawyer in French). The diamond in the center represents both the compromise and the dynamism created by the collaboration within our team.

The grey represents the problem, and the orange, the solution. The different shades show our values: transparency, empathy, fighting spirit and creativity.

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