Founded on May 23, 2006, the law firm Décarie Avocats, now known as DS Décarie Avocats, has established itself as a leader in litigation and business law through its nuanced, combative, and creative approach. Despite its humble beginnings, its success quickly propelled it into strong and rapid growth. Presently, the firm is recognized in the Outaouais community as a top-notch choice, both for its clientele and employees, as a leading multiservice law firm.


Foundation of Décarie Lawyers

The firm, originally known as Décarie Fortin Avocats, was founded in a tiny office in downtown Hull by Me Sophie-Anne Décarie, a young, determined, and dynamic lawyer, primarily specializing in civil and commercial litigation.

Becomes a multiservice firm

With the addition of family and business law services, the firm moves towards a more modern approach and vows to help its clients attain legal health.


Winner of the Excelor “Female entrepreneurship” award

The firm receives the Excelor Award from the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce, recognizing excellence in female entrepreneurship.


Need for space

To accommodate its growing team, the firm undertook three successive expansions of its office space in the Hull area. In 2014, it finally moved its offices to larger and freshly renovated premises located at 3 Rue de Picardie in Gatineau. Continuing in the same vein, the offices at 3 Picardie underwent the same fate in 2017, with a major investment to increase their area.


Significant growth of the team

In order to serve its ever-growing clientele, the firm increased its team to 15 people. The firm then clarified the internal management values with which it managed the firm’s human resources. These include equity and collaboration among the members of the firm, individual accountability, valuing work-life balance and a culture of continuous improvement.

Community recognition

This vision allowed the firm to build a solid reputation of excellence, be recognized by consumers and by its community, and caused it to obtain, through the years, mandates of the utmost importance as well as recognition from its community. The firm also obtain in 2019, the authorization from the Superior court to file a class action suit in the name of a group of victims estimated to 22 000 members.


15th Anniversary of Decarie Lawyers!

For the past 15 years, Décarie Avocats has been making its mark in the business and legal community of Gatineau and Ottawa. The firm has achieved remarkable feats and experienced precious and magical human moments, in which you have participated. You have been and continue to be the best allies and ambassadors of the firm, and we thank you for that.

We sincerely and warmly thank our clients, employees, and suppliers, especially the entire team of Agence Pop Inc and Studio créatif Coloc, for their contribution, dedication, and unwavering loyalty to our firm.


Décarie Avocats se joint à DS Avocats Canada

Décarie Avocats joined DS Avocats Canada on February 1, 2023, becoming the seventh office of DS Avocats in Canada. The firm, specializing in civil and commercial litigation, real estate, business law, and labor law, was attracted by DS Avocats Canada, primarily active in commercial litigation, labor law, and extensive corporate law. Founded in Paris 50 years ago, DS Avocats is present in four Canadian provinces, 14 countries, with 400 lawyers across 25 offices on four continents. The president of Décarie Avocats, now a partner at DS Décarie Avocats, emphasizes the importance of proximity in the philosophy of DS Avocats Canada, allowing for a specialization in business law while maintaining a warm, human approach to employees and clients. Sophie-Anne Décarie wanted her firm to benefit from complementary expertise, especially in business law, taxation, and corporate law. Sophie-Anne Décarie, having built her firm from scratch, is recognized as an experienced manager with leadership qualities. DS Avocats Canada relies on her contribution to the future growth of the firm.

Our mission and values

At DS Décarie Avocats, our mission is to guide you, your business, and your loved ones towards optimal legal well-being. We commit to building strong foundations with you, anticipating potential pitfalls, and finding creative solutions to address all your challenges and disputes.

Our personalized approach is based on human support and the creation of close bonds with our clients. To fulfill our mission, we’ve assembled a team of exceptional lawyers, chosen not only for their unique talents contributing to cutting-edge legal practice but also for their adherence to fundamental values underlying the success of our personalized approach: transparency, empathy, combativeness, and creativity.

Upon joining the DS Avocats family, it was essential for us to embrace values in harmony with our local principles.

Founded in 1972, DS Avocats is the result of a human adventure spanning four continents. A pioneer in establishing on legal markets that were “emerging” and have now become engines of the global economy, DS Avocats made history by setting up in China in 1986. Today, it boasts nearly 400 legal professionals, experts in all areas of business law.

The fundamental values of DS Avocats – Excellence, Availability, Skill, Internationalism – are at the heart of the promise we make to our clientele.

DS Avocats Canada, a respected player in the legal profession, reinforces its strength, pursues its growth, and provides outstanding services to local and national clients. Relying on its human and technological resources, DS Avocats Canada is committed to delivering top-notch services with confidence, vision, and enthusiasm in the Canadian markets.



fighting spirit


Our logo

The two triangles represent both the letter D, first letter of the name Décarie, our founder’s last name, and the letter A, first letter of the word Avocat (Lawyer in French). The diamond in the center represents both the compromise and the dynamism created by the collaboration within our team.

The grey represents the problem, and the orange, the solution. The different shades show our values: transparency, empathy, fighting spirit and creativity.

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