Originally from the Aylmer area in Gatineau, Me Sophie-Anne Décarie is a passionate and experienced lawyer. She began her academic journey in political science at the University of Ottawa, where she was quickly captivated by the prospect of studying law in Old Quebec. Her exceptional academic commitment materialized with the completion of her Bachelor’s degree in law at Laval University, where she shone by finishing with the third-highest grade in her cohort.
At the beginning of her career, Me Décarie had the opportunity to refine her skills as a student and intern at McCarthy Tétrault, then recognized as the largest law firm in Canada. This experience within a prestigious institution contributed to shaping her vision of the law and sharpening her professionalism.



More than 25 years of legal experience

Mtre Sophie-Anne Décarie

Inspired by the desire to tackle ambitious challenges and quickly establish herself as a legal expert, Me Sophie-Anne Décarie made the strategic choice to start her career at a law firm in the Outaouais region.

This bold decision proved to be successful. In a matter of months, Me Décarie was entrusted with major cases, rapidly propelling her into the complex world of legal litigation. She argued cases alone in the Court of Appeal and handled matters in English, expanding her influence beyond the borders of Outaouais.

Deeply committed to the field of litigation and commercial law, Me Décarie swiftly built her reputation as a strategic and combative litigator in Outaouais. Her training under seasoned lawyers, now judges at the Superior Court and the Federal Court of Appeal, formed the foundation of her legal expertise.

Explore the remarkable journey of Me Sophie-Anne Décarie, a lawyer who has emerged as an indispensable reference in the fields of litigation and commercial law.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and enriched by her past experiences, Me Sophie-Anne Décarie made the bold decision to bring her own law firm to life in 2006. She shaped a space where judicial assertiveness, creativity, and fundamental values such as transparency and empathy towards clients and employees are at the core of every action.

The firm founded by Me Décarie embodies excellence and is built on modern management, emphasizing values like fairness, internal collaboration, work-life balance, and a culture of continuous improvement. Deliberately, Me Décarie has built a structure where each member contributes to collective growth and success, fostering a thriving professional environment.

Décarie Avocats joined DS Avocats Canada on February 1, 2023, becoming the fifth office of DS Avocats in Canada. The firm, specializing in civil and commercial litigation, real estate, business law, and labor law, was attracted by DS Avocats Canada, primarily active in commercial litigation, labor law, and extensive corporate law. Founded in Paris 50 years ago, DS Avocats is present in four Canadian provinces, 14 countries, with 400 lawyers across 24 offices on four continents.

The president of Décarie Avocats, now a partner at DS Décarie Avocats, emphasizes the importance of proximity in the philosophy of DS Avocats Canada, allowing for a specialization in business law while maintaining a warm and human approach to employees and clients. Sophie-Anne Décarie wanted her firm to benefit from complementary expertise, especially in business law, taxation, and corporate law.

Sophie-Anne Décarie, having built her firm from scratch, is recognized as an experienced manager with leadership qualities. DS Avocats Canada relies on her contribution to the future growth of the firm.

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