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Mrs Sophie-Anne Décarie comes from the Aylmer sector, in Gatineau. She started studying political science at the University of Ottawa and was quickly drawn to the idea of studying law in Old Quebec. She completed her law degree at Université Laval, where she obtained the third-highest grade of her cohort. She worked as a student, then as an intern, at McCarthy Tétrault, known at the time as the biggest law firm in Canada.



25 years of legal experience

Mrs Sophie-Anne Décarie

Inspired by the idea of working at a firm that would allow her to rapidly take on important responsibilities and prove herself, Mrs Décarie chose to start her career as a lawyer at a firm located in the Outaouais region.

It proved to be a good bet. A few months later, Mrs Décarie was already handling important cases and appearing before the Court of Appeal alone. English cases often brought her before courts outside of the Outaouais region.

Mrs Décarie rapidly established a solid reputation as a strategic litigator with a fighting spirit in Outaouais, having been trained by civil and commercial litigation lawyers who are now judges at the Superior Court and Federal Court of Appeal.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Strengthened by her experience and animated by an entrepreneurial spirit, in 2006, Mrs Décarie decided to start her own firm where legal fighting spirit and creativity would thrive, but also where values such as transparency and empathy towards clients and employees would be put forth. Values that were essential and close to her heart.

Mrs. Décarie built a firm of excellence and made the bet that it could be managed according to modern management values, such as fairness and internal collaboration between members of the firm, value of work-family balance and a culture of continuous improvement.

For 15 years, in order to complete entrusted mandates with a creative and fighting spirit while respecting work-life-family balance principles for herself and her teammates, Mrs Décarie put together a team of 15 people, 10 of which are lawyers she chose with the utmost care and who are the firm’s greatest strength.

Mrs Décarie has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She perfected her art by successfully completing the prestigious and elite Trial advocacy seminar based upon the american methode from the National Institute for Trial Advocacy in 2009 and obtained her civil and commercial mediator training and certification in 2017.

In order to perfect her understanding of modern positive leadership, Mrs. Décarie regularly attends management development, business and leadership training sessions. For years, she has also challenged herself to read a dozen management books yearly. She proudly breaks glass ceilings.

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